UWBS is proud to showcase a selection of the famous names that have learned in the hallowed halls of our prestigious campus.

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for UWBS!"G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. Unlike most automotive executives, Wagoner chose to gain a more well-rounded education by earning a degree in underwater basket weaving in 1984. A recognized leader in the automotive industry, wagoner credits much of his business success to the skills and experience he gleaned from the rigorous study of underwater basket weaving.

Stephen P. Jobs It's a little-known fact that one of the more prominant visionaries of Silicon Valley decided to go back to school. Graduating from UWBS in 1996, Jobs chose to major in Economics because he saw the potential of applying such skills in the cut-throat market of consumer electronics. "Does my success surprise you?"In addition to Economics, Jobs chose to minor in Anthropology "just for the fun of it," and also took a few underwater basket weaving classes as an added challenge. When asked what he liked best about his time at UWBS, he had to say that it was taking the underwater basket weaving classes due to the clean, sterile properties of the swimming pool, as well as the pliable nature of the bamboo that is only achieved when it is submerged.

If you decide to visit our campus, be sure to ask your tour guide for more examples of exceptional UWBS alumni!

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